Ruth Rodriguez-Dunnahoo

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The National Missing and Unidentified Persons System (NamUs) is a powerful, free tool to assist law enforcement officers, medical examiners, coroners, allied criminal justice professionals, and the family members of missing persons in resolving these cold cases. NamUs combines online database technology with forensic and analytical resources to solve long-term missing and unidentified person cases.

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Ruth Rodriguez-Dunnahoo

NamUs Business/Operations Analyst

Ruth Rodriguez-Dunnahoo began her professional career in law enforcement in 1985 as a Warrant Clerk with the Fort Worth City Marshall’s Office. In this capacity, she confirmed warrants for the Police Information Center, collected warrant fees, and provided Spanish to English translation services for the courts and officers.

Following her time with the Marshal’s Office, Ruth spent ten years with the Tarrant County Sheriff’s Office, where she served as an Inmate Release Officer, Identification Officer, Confinement Officer, Transport Officer, Security Control Officer, Warrant Clerk, Warrant Officer, Extraditions Officer, and Public Awareness Officer. In addition to these positions, she translated inmate rule books, performed background investigations, and worked with the patrol and auto theft divisions. From 1999 to 2000, she worked in the Tarrant County Adult Probation division as an Administrative Coordinator in charge of supervising employees, keeping probationers’ records, and purchasing/inventory of supplies.

In May 2002, Ruth accepted her first position with the UNT Health Science Center as a Clinical Specialist with the Paternity Lab, where she wrote standard operating procedures, accessioned paternity cases, and collected DNA samples. In 2006, Ruth transferred to the the UNT Center for Human Identification as an Evidence Custodian Supervisor. In this role, she supervised evidence custodians, accessioned evidence and entered cases, translated for family members, and collected DNA swabs.

In September 2013, Ruth became an Administrative Coordinator for NamUs, and in March 2018, she became a Business/Operations Analyst for NamUs. In her current role, Ruth manages administrative staff, purchasing, travel and reimbursements, and she supports the NamUs Directors with other operational needs. She also provides Spanish translation services to families of missing persons via email and telephone.

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Office: 817-735-5010
Cell: 817-458-6834